Coach: 3 Ways to Prepare for Success Next Season

With the New Year right around the corner, the time to prepare is now! Here’s a list of 3 great tools to equip yourself with in order to raise your game and have a successful season in 2023 …

1.Imagine your entire team taking those “mental game” reps DAILY! Our next shipment of Think Like a Champ Journals are going out at the beginning of January. Reserve a spot in that shipment for your team. Get a TEAM Bundle of 15 journals at a special holiday rate.

Details here:

*Note: if you already have your journals, the next step is to help your team develop consistency USING them daily. Feel free to tweak the prompts to help your players get the most out of it. Need help with this? message me

2. Weave mental game training into your practices!
Yes, it’s possible and Mental SweetSpot gives you everything you need to do that in their Fail Forward Practice Bundle. Make sure you have this bundle on hand to help you plan your practices for next season.

Now is a great to time get familiar with what’s involved and to start figuring out how you’re going to incorporate the Fail Forward Bundle into your training for the upcoming season.
Get it here

3. Softball Coaching Cheat Sheets
Stay on top of your game and make sure nothing falls through the cracks next season. These cheat sheets will help with that. PLUS, don’t forget, we recently added the Confidence Building handout and worksheet and the Mindset handout and worksheet too. BOTH handouts and printable worksheets are included in the Cheat Sheet bundle.
Get yours here

*Note: if you already have the Cheat Sheets, dust them off and review how to best utilize them for the upcoming season, especially if you didn’t get a chance to incorporate those new handouts and worksheets yet!

BONUS: if you want to give yourself a little coaching quiz to see how well prepared you actually are for the upcoming season, check out these 30 questions to give yourself an idea of how well prepared (or not) you are at this stage of the game.


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