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Share this article: CLICK HERE┬áto Tweet Yesterday, I shared a video about being positive in the present and the happiness advantage. Effectively dealing with, processing, and managing your emotions and how you feel is SO critical in sports and in …

Essential Oils for Athletes: supporting your best attitude and best effort Read More »

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Share this article: Click HERE to tweet Lots of parents and coaches have been asking questions recently. You can tell softball season is here! It’s always fun to hear from others in the softball community. I don’t know why, but …

What should a pitcher do when she is not supported by her teammates? Read More »

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Share this article: Click Here to Tweet I shared this thought with my 14yo daughter the other night. I let her know I was happy she out works and out trains a lot of her teammates, BUT… I encouraged her …

Why you need to aim higher than “the best” on your team Read More »

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