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There may be a good reason your daughter is “always” sleeping

sleep for female athletes

When your daughter seems like she’s “always sleeping,” there’s a reason … First, because women apparently NEED more sleep than men (generally speaking) AND because … “If you are an athlete or you are involved in sports, you know how

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Episode 27: Interview with Ian Jones founder of Top Recruit

Interview with Ian Jones Founder of Top Recruit

Ian Jones, founder of Top Recruit, gives us a peek into how Top Recruit came about, some of the early struggles the company faced, as well as where they’re headed. Plus, Ian shares some really cool insights from his experiences

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One of the most frustrating situations for parents and coaches and how to respond to it

there's no elevator to success

Have you ever felt frustrated because you tried to help someone, but they just will not do what you tell them to? And you find yourself thinking, “Well, I guess you just have to learn the hard way.” Then there’s

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