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One of the most frustrating situations for parents and coaches and how to respond to it

there's no elevator to success

Have you ever felt frustrated because you tried to help someone, but they just will not do what you tell them to? And you find yourself thinking, “Well, I guess you just have to learn the hard way.” Then there’s

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Got “Haters?” Me too. This is what I like to do …

how to deal with haters

You know how some people say their haters motivate them? This post is not that. I see things a little differently. I wanted to share my thoughts, in case they might be useful to you in seasons of life when your haters

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Essential Oils for Softball: Attitude and Effort

essential oils for athletes and softball

Did you know that athletic performance can be improved by something as simple as being exposed to peppermint essential oil? Yes, Peppermint 🙂 Athletes were shown to get stronger and run faster after exposure to just a tiny amount of

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