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Episode 24: When other people annoy you *eek*

Eating Curveballs for Breakfast Podcast - with Stacie Mahoe

Real talk: feeling frustrated and irritated with other people? Look, that’s going to happen a LOT as parent and/or athlete/coach, especially in a competitive environment. Here’s what helped me in a recent incident when I was feeling annoyed because other

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Episode 18: Interview – Sports Mom, Teacher, Businesswoman Georgia Pinto

Eating Curveballs for Breakfast Podcast - with Stacie Mahoe

Great conversation with sports mom, teacher, and business owner Georgia Pinto. She talks about positivity and growth mindset while sharing the biggest curve ball life’s thrown at her. Georgia also shares both the toughest and most valuable parts of that

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FLOW isn’t just for athletes

We talk about FLOW and being “in the zone” in regards to athletes a lot. Have you ever stopped to think this state is available to and useful for you as a mom too? QUESTION: Do you purposefully tap into and take

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