How to Get in the Zone with Gratitude

Did you know that the state of gratitude is very similar and to the state of FLOW?
You know that FLOW state that athletes (and high level performers) enjoy being in? Where everything seems to go well, to come easy, to feel effortless, to well, flow. It’s that state also known as “being in the zone.”

But it’s not always easy to “get in the zone” or to get into FLOW.
Some athletes experience it rarely.

Others seem to get there more often.
It’s why athletes develop routines …

  • Free throw routines.
  • A routine when getting into the batters box.
  • Pre-game routines.

All of those routines are designed to help an athlete “get in the zone.”
Still, there’s no exact science to ensuring that you can step into that state of FLOW.
Most athletes can’t do it “on demand” as much as we wish we could!

However, if the state of GRATITUDE is, essentially, as close as you can get without actually being there, why not immerse yourself in gratitude daily? Getting into gratitude is much simpler and easier to do. It’s something you CAN attain any time you want.

And if you’re hanging out in that zone of gratitude, right next door to the state of FLOW, there’s a good chance you cross over that threshold much more often, don’t you think?

Either way, gratitude, in an of itself, is an incredible practice and one that has numerous benefits, not just in sports, but in life too. It can be a powerful part of your daily success habits that transform your life/athletic experience (and your performance) in all kinds of ways.

  • Develop a solid foundation for a positive mindset.
  • Train your mind to focus on possibilities instead of obstacles.
  • Give yourself a peaceful reset after tough times.
  • Start each day fresh so you can make the most of the opportunities in front of you.
  • Turn what you DO have into enough instead staying frustrated about all that appears lacking.

Want to give it a try?
There’s a super simple exercise you can do at any time!

All you need is something to write on and something to write with.
Ideally, you have lots of space to write (think an entire piece of paper or page in a notebook).

Then, write down the following words:

I am thankful for …

… and finished the sentence with whatever comes to mind.
Big or small, write it all.

After you finish the first sentence, repeat the process until you fill the entire page!

That’s it 🙂

Very simple and easy to do, just about anyone can do it.

Prefer something a little more formal?
Great news! We’ve got this sweet 6-week journal for you 🙂

It’s called Get in the Zone with Gratitude

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