But I don’t have time for a worksheet (good news below) …

Coaches have been picking up the Free Mindset Printable left and right.

However, you and I both know that not every tool works best for every player.

In fact, you may find some athlete(s) resistant to having to do yet another “homework assignment.” I mean, I get it. Who really “wants to” do another worksheet on top of practice, on top of homework, on top of school all day, and so on and so forth.

Maybe even you, as an adult, feel like, “I don’t have time for that.”


Perhaps, you still enjoy some “down time” on social media.

Hehe, NO, I am not going to bash you for spending some time on social instead of doing a mindset worksheet 🙂

I was actually going to give you some good news … because I put together another simple tool you could use right there on IG instead 😀 

If the worksheet isn’t your style, if it doesn’t fit as well into your current routine … you may want to start with by “stacking your wins” on IG first. It’s not quite as simple as the worksheet. And nothing compares to actually sitting down and writing things out …

But, you gotta start somewhere right?
And if IG is easier for you to fit it into your day … perhaps you even make a deal with yourself to head over to Stack Your Wins FIRST, before you get into scrolling anywhere else on social media. 

You see, there are some simple success prompts posted over there for you, 5 to be exact. I believe you get the most out of it if you do all 5 in a day …

HOWEVER, since we’re talking about getting started somewhere, you might choose just one to do on any given day. You’d still be able to get around to all 5 over the course of the week. And guess what? 5 in a week is better than not doing it at all.

You get to work with these prompts to build your confidence and strengthen your mental game in the way that makes the most sense for you and in a way that results in you actually DOing it instead of putting it off or avoiding it. 

Look, we’re not looking for immediate perfection here. 

No matter which tool you choose, any time you’re adding something to your excellence routines, it takes time before it becomes, well … routine. It’s more important that you start doing it more than you were doing it before … which should be pretty simple with these prompts considering you weren’t doing them at all before 🙂

So go head and start … and then let yourself progress from there. 

– Head over to Stack Your Wins
– Choose ONE prompt
– Do it

If you’re so inclined, go ahead and do another. 
If not, it’s okay to stop and celebrate the fact that you STARTED a new success habit today 🙂

Leave a comment on the prompt(s) you decided to do today and I’ll celebrate, right along with you, the fact that you took action and got it done!

To your ultimate success, 

Stacie Mahoe

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