Training the Mental Game – Let’s Not Overcomplicate it

I’ll admit it. I know a thing or two about overcomplicating and overthinking because I’m fantastic at both ^.^

But one of the best ways to maintain a strong mental game is to keep it simple. Let’s not overcomplicate things or get too fancy too fast.

Make sure you have the basics down first.

  • What did you do WELL today?
  • What worked for you?
  • What was the best part of your day?

It is imperative that you make note of these kinds of “wins” daily.
Before you jump into what’s wrong and all the things that need to be fixed, make sure you spend some time on what’s going well, what’s working for you, the wins you DID have! This one simple shift will get the ball rolling in the right direction for you.

Remember, what you FOCUS ON expands, which is why this one simple shift matters so much. Stop focusing all your time, attention, and energy on what’s wrong and start focusing on what IS working so you can enjoy more of that and build upon it too <3

This journal helps you take care of these mental game basics daily. It helps you direct your mind, and your focus, in ways that work for you instead of against you. Before you get all fancy and complex with your mental game training, start here.

Think Like a Champ Journal

Use this journal to get 1% better every day and …

  • Build confidence
  • Keep your “wins” and “failures” in perspective so you can stay consistent in your mindset and in your performance
  • Develop self awareness around what works for you so you can get in the zone faster and bounce back from mistakes more easily too

It’s never too late to start working on your mental game. This journal gives you a way to do so DAILY!

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Journal FAQs

What’s inside? Are the pages blank?
No, the pages are not blank ?
Simple prompts are included in the journal along with some uplifting, inspiring quotes sprinkled throughout. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside …

What ages would you recommend this Journal for?
Honestly, I’ve had kids from 8-9 all the way up to college use it. Heck, I still use what’s in this journal for getting my mind right on a regular basis so that I can perform and a high level in LIFE! ?

What if I want to order 100+ for our entire organization?
You can do that too and get wholesale pricing on the exact qty you need. Click here to order for your whole organization.
Note: there is a 100 minimum for organizations to get the journals at wholesale. If you place an order for less than 100 through this link, your order will not be processed.

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